Dear friends, colleagues, fellow-travellers, readers (old and new),
Reaching the editorial means that another difficult project has almost been completed! ... and I say
“almost”, because for us, the work and the daily struggle continues!
As important it is to vividly describe each project, the activity and, chiefly, the struggles, the effort and
the dreams of a group of people – the key players of this annual report – it is equally important to give
a prologue to this undertaking.
In this report I have tried to put myself in your shoes. You already know PRAKSIS! Its programs, its hu-
man resources (both executives and volunteers): some of you have already met or have co-operated
or have exchanged thoughts, ideas and views with them. You have encountered, or at least heard of,
our humanitarian work
. Using objective criteria, we believe that our outward recognition is at a good
level. At this point, however, after nearly 10 years
(in October of 2014 we celebrated our 10th birthday)
of autonomous action (and 19 years of total action)
, I wonder, if your soul has been touched even by
a little, if your conscience has been awakened as far as the problems of our fellow men and women,
of the people next door are concerned....
All these years, the flood of information “traps” us in a labyrinth of figures, statistical data and per-
centages. Figures are important because they immediately summarise and disclose the annual effort
of an organization such as PRAKSIS, which respects
the principles of accountability and transpar-
. However, the heart cannot be included in statistical pie charts nor described though economic
symbols, whereas on occasions, they are hurt by the agonies of the numbers.
For this reason, this year we chose to create an annual report which focuses on our fellow men and
women themselves.
In this annual report we not only speak with figures and statistical date, we also speak for our fellow men.
Many important events took place in 2013. They were important for Greece in general, but also espe-
cially for PRAKSIS. We took part in some! In others, we worked to give our answers:
Let’s take a stroll through 2013 and recall some of these events:
Fighting in Villa Amalia
The year started as the previous one had ended. With intensity and conflicts for Villa Amalia. The neo-
classical building at the intersection of Heyden and Acharnos Streets turned into a point of confronta-
tion in the streets and in Parliament. On 9 January,a group of young people occupied the building.
There followed a major police action, the use of tear gas, a storming of the building, bringing out more
than 90 people and an end to the sit-in. A little later, in February, the City of Athens sealed the Villa and
the Mayor proclaimed that it would be returned to its previous use of a school.
It is exactly opposite the Villa Amalia, that one half of the heart of PRAKSIS, the Athens Polyclinic, lies.
By Tzanetos Antypas
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